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Whose Fool Are You?

Around 1978 I wrote this song, inspired by the late Madalyn Murray O'Hair. She had reportedly been a guest on a radio call-in show. Another woman had called in and made a case for the Christian faith. When she finished and hung up the phone, Mrs. O'Hair stated, "That woman is a fool." The next caller responded to the well-known atheist, whose lawsuit had taken prayer out of American public schools, "I'm a fool for Jesus Christ. Whose fool are you?" I'll post the recording as soon as I can, but here are the lyrics for starters.

Whose Fool Are You?
Words and music (c) copyright 2018, Dan Eumurian

Some people are wise in everybody's eyes;
They only care how they appear,
And they would step on anyone or anything
If it would help their own career,
But there are other values in this world of ours
That we were made to be and do,
So friend, if I'm a fool for the love of God,
Whose fool are you?

I'm a fool for the love of Jesus,
'Cause I only want the best,
But that is quite okay, because I heard him say
That he would give me all the rest.
There is lasting wisdom in the living way,
And strength enough to see us thru,
So friend, if I'm a fool for the love of God,
Whose fool are you?

Well a man named Samson lived a while ago;
He turned opponents into wrecks,
But he fell for someone who he shouldn't have,
'Cause Sammy was a fool for sex.
You too may end up blinded with your power gone,
Or just have less of what is true,
But if you spend your life on less than Jesus Christ,
Someday you'll know you were a fool....

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian