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Everything He Touches Turn to Love

I started this song around 1976 or '77, and finished it 2 1/2 years later. The line "He is the lifting of the curse, the undoing of the Fall," comes from _Genesis_, by Derek Kidner, published by Intervarsity Press, and is used with their permission.

Everything He Touches Turns to Love
Words and music by Dan Eumurian

He formed us with his mighty hands,
Gentle hands, so many years ago.
He made us to be friends of his,
Governors in his kingdom here below.

There was no shame or anger there, and no reason to be bored,
For new discoveries helped uncover the glory of the Lord.

The work and play and humanness
Made the earth like heaven above,
‘Cause everything he touches turns to love.

But the people soon rejected God,
Following an illusionary gleam.
They lost their close relationships,
And the solitude was a nightmare, not a dream.

He took them from the tree of life so their sin would not live on,
And now we suffer and try to recover a part of what has gone.

But with the pain, the promise came
Of a Liberator strong.
The touch of God can right the deepest wrong.

Then one day at the proper time,
The Promised One, the Savior came to earth.
His life and death and resurrection rescued us
And informed us of our worth.

He is the lifting of the curse, the undoing of the Fall.
In him, forgiveness and life eternal are offered now to all.

So let him cleanse and fill you now;
For his hand you be the glove,
‘Cause everything he touches turns to love.

‘Cause every day he touches, and every life he touches,
And everything he touches turns to love.

Copyright © 1981, Dan Eumurian, dba Come Thru Music Co., BMI, on “Seek Peace” album.

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian