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If We Suffer We Shall Reign

I was going thru some tough times personally when I was a student at Wheaton College Graduate School back in the 1970s. I wrote this song based on a faulty translation of the Greek word _hupomenomen_, which really means "endure." Even so, the song was meaningful both to me and to a fellow student.

Don't take away my suffering,
Don't take away my pain
If you see that I need it,
For if we suffer, we shall reign.

Won't you take me with you
As far as we can go?
Keep me walking your way,
And help my heart to grow.

(Spoken "Lord God, You know all about me. You know about my lack of organization and self-discipline, and about my pride. You know about the good things, too, and about the great potential that I have, and that everybody has. But when I don't live up to my responsibilities, when I try to get away with doing something I know to be wrong, when I don't listen to You and to other people, in big things or in little things, it insults You--and it really messes up my life. Forgive me, Lore, because of what Jesus did. Help me to realize that since Christ took my punishment on Himself, my suffering is not punishment, but the teaching of a loving heavenly Father. Please, Lord, don't give up on me. Help me thank You for the suffering; help me obey You, and help me love."

Teach me from the Bible,
And from my brothers too;
Teach me from my living,
And what I'm learning, help me do.

(Spoken "And Lord, when I get through the hard times, when I've learned to be more of the kind of person You want me to be, when I'm one mile farther along, help me remember that You were always there, and that all of the challenges and difficulties You brought my way or allowed me to get myself into, and all of the times You disciplined me, were part of Your perfect and loving plan for me. They gave me a clearer view of Your infinite wisdom and Your flaming glory. And they brought me closer to my brothers and sisters, where I can understand and comfort and help them, as You helped me."

Don't take away my suffering,
Don't take away my pain,
Till You've achieved Your purposes,
For if we suffer with Jesus,
With Him we shall reign.

Copyright 1975, Dan Eumurian

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian