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This poem boils the message of the Bible down into one word and then builds it back up. A professor of mine told us three things: 1. Historical Fact: Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead. 2. Theological Reason: To forgive our sins and make us right with God. 3. Ethical Summons: What will we do about it? I took it from there. This has been performed as a rap.


It's a solid Fact of history:
Jesus lived, died, arose.
The Maker stepped into the game,
Took our side against our foes.
Common sense demands it--
The facts are clear to see.
Faith understands it
And acts accordingly,
And we are FREE!

The Reason was forgiveness--
The love that brings salvation.
He paid our sin taxes,
Bought our justification.
With him when they nailed him
To die upon the cross
Were all the ways we've failed him;
He pulled victory out of loss,
And we are FREE!

All this doesn't matter
Unless it moves the heart.
There must be an Encounter
For the healing work to start--
The Holy Spirit's working
To strike the waking chord,
Causing us to turn and follow,
Calling on the Lord,
And we are FREE!

Then comes the Expression
Of humble gratitude,
For reaching down to save us,
To cleanse us by his blood.
We look for ways to thank him
By serving him and others,
Praising him and sharing
With our sisters and brothers,
And we are FREE!

Fact, Reason, Encounter, Expression, FREE!

Thanks to Dr. Charles M. Horne. © 2013, Dan Eumurian,
in “Shiny Tim and the Hum Bugs” musical play. May be copied and shared in total with this credit. www.PianosNSongs.com hope4you@centurytel.net

© 2017 all rights reserved - Dan Eumurian